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Zoroastrian community in Perth has grown to its current level of approximately 50 families with a total of about 170 individuals including children. It marks the humble beginnings of the Zoroastrian population in WA, when the first Parsi family of Late Jijibhoy Pestonji Guzder (affectionately known as "Jiju") settled here in 1956 from Mumbai.

The year 2007 marked 10 years of the establishment of the Association, and this was celebrated in pomp at the Special "Decade to Remember ZAWA Nite" in October 2007. This event was graced by the chief guest The H'ble Deputy Mayor of Perth Mr Michael Sutherland. Our talents in dramatics, Parsi Natak, comedy and Parsi idiosyncrasies come alive during the Anuual ZAWA Nite. We share our talents with other associations in Perth, including the Indian Society of Western Australia. Our youth took a leading role as the entertainment committee for the 4th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress held in Ballarat, Australia in December 2007. They returned home pleased with their deep contribution towards assisting the organizers and creating long lasting friendships.

ZAWA today boasts of several priests who conduct home Jashans and the annual Deh Mahino community Jashan. Our Sunday school for imparting religious, traditional and cultural Zoroastrian values to our children, while still in its infancy, uses creativity and interactive approach in fulfilling its needs.

In keeping with the seasonal festivals, a yearly Gahambhar is organized along with some trivia, fancy dress and Quiz night. These functions help to generate and raise funds by way of donations and charities for the poor and down trodden. Most Perth Zoroastrians celebrate the Avan Roj nu Parab amidst the peaceful surrounds of the Swan River.

This year also marks our new relationships with the office of Multicultural Interest (OMI) and Healthways who have given us minor grants for the Pateti Navroze Function in August 2008.

To date we have had the company of distinguished scholars and speakers who have visited Perth to give talks and lectures on Zoroastrian religion, customs and traditions. Up to date, ZAWA Inc., has played host to several Zoroastrian personalities. Khojeste Mistree, Ervad (Dr.) Jehan Bagli, Dastoor Saheb Aspandiar Dadachanji, Cyrus Cooper and Dolly Dastoor, to name a few. The yearly function of Irani Nouruz and the Parsi Navroze becomes the focal point for everyone to meet and enjoy.

Living up to the Australian ethos of multi-culturalism, Zoroastrians in Perth display religious tolerance, respect for all, and recognize the essential unity of all religions.

We hope you visit us one day in beautiful and sunny Perth and May Ahura Mazda bless you with peace, happiness and abundance of love.

Manashni, Gavashni, Kunashni - Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds.