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ZAWA Annual Jashan Ceremony - 2000

On Mah Adar and Roj Asman of Year 1369 (S) [14th of May 2000], ZAWA organised its first jashan of the New Millenium. The tentative date was previously made known to the community vide The ZAWA Chronicle of the month of March 2000. Confirmatory calls were made to ZAWA members, once it was confirmed that the jashan will go ahead.

The jashan was held at the Australian Asian Communities Centre. The larger hall was booked by ZAWA at considerable expense. Perth's Eravad Darius Pavri was requested by ZAWA and he kindly consented to perform the ceremony.

The nominated time for the jashan was 09:30, but the preparations took a bit longer and the ceremony commenced at about 10:15. The stage was set up by Ervad Darius with help from his wife Ms. Zenobia Pavri, and a team of voluntiers. Resting on a chair closeby, was a beautiful and colourful picture frame of Asho Zarathushtra, donated to ZAWA by Kharmen and Rostam Chami.

The weather on that day was cool, clear and sunny and so Darius had no problems in comfortably performing the jashan ceremony and did not have to struggle like he did last year, in the smaller hall (sorry Darius). The ceremony took about an hour. While the ceremony was in progress, some devout Zoroastrians prayed on their owm (see photos). After The ceremony was complete, Darius engaged the whole congregation in a brief HUMBANDAGI. It was a soul purifying experience praying in unison. Darius also explained the meaning of the jashan ceremony and the purpose of all the items that are laid out or used for the ceremony. An educational discourse.

Upon completion of the ceremony all Zarathushtis took turns to pay homage to The Fire lit in the Afargan. Immediately following the jashan ceremony, everybody was given Chashni, which consisted of a variety of fruits, dry fruits and sweet Malido prepared by Sheroo Vakil.

After the religious procedures for the day were over and people felt spiritually uplifted, a luncheon of piping hot curry rice was served to ZAWA members and non-members alike. Delicious chicken curry was prepared by Anahita Fitter, who spent hours toiling at the stove to please the pallets of grateful Zoros. Authentic Bombay masala was used by her for the curry. This was accompanied by steaming hot rice prepared by Persis Maarfatia. To add some more tang to the meal, savoury kachumber was served, which was also prepared by Persis Maarfatia. A hearty meal was had by one and all. Bellies were filled and pallets were pleased. The hall was to be vacated by us by 14:00. So, after the meal the crowd gradually started dwindling. Volunteers young and old alike helped in clearing up the hall.

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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