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ZAWA Annual Jashan Ceremony - 2003

On 15 June 2003, the Zoroastrian Association of Western Australia Inc., held its Annual Jashan for the year 2003. This day co-incided with Roj Marespand and Mah Dae of the Mazdayasni year 1372. It was a bright sunny day in Perth Western Australia. The skies were clear and a gentle breeze was blowing through the city.

What is a Jashan? As per an email received by ZAWA it means:

Dear Ahura Mazda, our wise God; we are gathered here today in Your worship and in thanksgiving for (whatever occasion). You are our Creator & nourisher, guardian and protector, guide and friend. With you besides us, we are wise & virtuous, strong and courageous, rich & safe, happy and hopeful.
Help us to be good & also help us, O Ahura Mazda, to make others good. Life is incomplete when a person lives for his own self & not thinking of the happiness of others. Life is best lived when it is lived for others. Cure us of our weaknesses. They need Your forgiveness & Support. We fully realize that all the blessings that we enjoy in this life are the outcome of your kindness and love.
Please consider these few offerings as given with our pure love and devotion, bless them with Thy gracious hand, and bless all those who stand in worship here before You. We promise ourselves to give you our offerings of good thoughts, good words and good deeds, offerings of kindness and love to those around us and help those who are poor and helpless. Help us to serve You by serving mankind and let us make this world the good and glorious place You meant it to be.
There is joy to receive what life gives us. However, greater indeed is the joy to give from what life gives us. We will not always look for reward for what we do. Let it not be said of us, that we do nothing for nothing. Let us do something for nothing.
We thank you once again, dear Ahura Mazda, & ask for your blessings on such future ceremonies and on all those who worship You with full-hearted devotion.
Glory be to You, dear Ahura Mazda and all your creations and all that is good and noble, and virtuous. May your blessings descend on all those gathered here and may we all remain united and strong in Your Worship and Service.

The venue selected for the Jashan was the Australian Asian Associations Hall. This Hall is centrally located on the periphery of Perth City. Being a Sunday, most of the small Zoroastrian community community was able to attend the Jashan.

Mobed Aspi Madan had the task of being the Zaotar. The Zaotar is the Head Priest (the invoker) of the Jashan ceremony. While Ervad Darius Pavri and Ervad Pashin Madan had the role of Rathvi. Rathvis are assisting priests. They tend to the fire in the afargan and other maintenance jobs while the Zaotar leads them in prayers.

The Jashan commenced at 10:30 a.m. Total silence was maintained by the congregation while the Dastoor Sahebs recited the Jashan prayers. The session lasted for about one hour. After the completion of the prayers, the three priests led the congregation in a Humbandagi (group prayer). This consisted of the entire congregation and the priests recitin two 'Yatha Ahu Vairyus' and one 'Ashem Vohu'. A feeling of friendship and brothehood swept the venue as every one recited the prayers in complete unison.

During the Jashan ceremony, various types of food items are kept in the vicinity of the priests. These foods are purified as prayers progress. These foods are consumed by the congregation after the Jashan ceremony, to cleanse the body and soul. It is known as 'chashni'. Various fruits and semolina dishes make chashni. Other snacks, which were brought in by various members of the congregation, were served together with the chashni, to make it a sort of meal.. The meal was enjoyed by all.

At about mid-day, the ceremonies and snack ended and the congregation dispersed with an enriched mind and soul.

Here then, are some high quality photographs taken by ZAWA Secretary and Webmaster Behram Cooper. They will take a while to load in your browser. So this might be an ideal time to walk the dog or water the lawn. By the time you are back, the photographs will have loaded. If you need enlarged versions of any photographs, please contact Behram.

The congregation seated for the Jashan ceremony

Ervad Pashin Madan performing the compulsary prayers that need
to be performed by priests prior to commencement of the Jashan,
a sort of warming-up session.

The Jashan is under way. Mobed Aspi Madan (with back to camera)
is on the left. Ervads Pashin Madan (facing camera left) and Darius
Pavri (facing camera right).

Mobed Aspi Madan leads the Jashan prayers.

Darius (right) and Pashin in prayer.

Darius (Rathvi) tends to the fire while Aspi (Zaotar) is deep in prayer.

The three priests leading the congregation in 'Humbandagi' after
completion of the Jashan.

Darius Pavri (left) Pashin Madan (centre) and Aspi Madan (right)
pose after completion of the Jashan.

Shernavaz Cooper offering sandalwood to the holy fire and asking God
for her wishes to come true.

Delara Mistry (left) and Villie Mistry (right) doing the same.

Xenia (left) and Farzana (right) Irani sprinkling sweet smelling 'loban' over the fire.

Homyar Randeria (left) and Shahpoor Kalantary having a conversation
of their own.

Noshir Buhariwalla (left) and Jimmy Patell Having a private convo.

There was a rush at the tea stall.

Then there was 'chashni'.

Homyar Randeria and Zareen Patell having a tete-a-tete.

Adil Vakil with back to camera, Kermin Nanavati, Gieve Nanavati and
looking-on is Shahpoor Kalantary.

Ushta-Te Nanavati, Sharinaaz Irani and Delara Mistry.

Jehangir Irani, Homee Wadia and Farrokh Billimoria.

Phyrooza Mehta (hand on mouth), Kooky Wadia facing camera), Zenobia Pavri (red sweater) and Banoo Pavri (Ervad Darius's Mum).

Jimmy Patell, Zareen Patell and Villie Khambatta strike a pose for the camera.

Sheroo Vakil (far left), Adil Vakil and Shernavaz Cooper (helping herself).

FINALLY ..... Zenobia gets a chance to eat something.

Shernavaz Cooper helping herself (again) as Khushroo Shroff really digs in.
Chairman Firoz Pestonji takes a spoonfull, as Cyrus Mistry re-loads.

Mobed Aspi Madan with his better half and ZAWA Treasurer - Farida.

Villie Mistry and Farida Madan busy in the Kitchen.

Jimmy and Armin Ghaswala pose for the camera (smiles indicate a full tummy).

Zahan Mistry lends a hand with squaring up after the celebrations have ended.

Jehangir Irani, Homee Wadia and Khushroo Shroff.

Pashin Madan and Shernavaz Cooper clearing the Jashan paraphanalia from the stage.

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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