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Ervad Dastoor Aspandiar Dadachanji


ZAWA Annual Jashan - 2006

On the 28th of May 2006 (Mah Dae, Roj Mohor), the ZAWA community celebrated its Annual Jashan Ceremony. The venue, as usual was the larger hall, amicably called "Motto Otlo" of the Australian Asian Communities Hall.

The proceedings of the day consisted of:
  1. A Slide Show on the Jashan ceremony prepared and narrated by Ervad Pashin Madan. Computer system operated by Jimmy Ghaswala. This slide show can be viewed by clicking here
  2. The Jashan ceremony, performed by Ervad Aspi Madan, assisted by Ervad Darius Pavri, Ervad Pashin Madan and Ervad Jamsheed Bhanja. Unfortunately, Jamsheed could not make it to the Jashan due to a sports injury susteained the evening before. ZAWA wishes him a speedy recovery
  3. Humbandagi (group prayer) led by the Ervad Sahebs
  4. Jashan-ni-Chashni (food items that have been prayed upon by the priests during the Jashan) and
  5. Drinks and lunch

A big thank you to the Ervad Sahebs for performing the Jashan, all the members who had contributed, fruits, sweets and those who contributed in one way or another to make this day an utter success.

A fund raising effort was also made on this day for the Mancherji Edalji Joshi Memorial Trust. This trust provides free food for some twenty one poor, old and infirm residents in Dadar, Wadala, Matunga and Grant Road.

Ervad Tim Desai and Mrs. Shanaz Desai of Sydney were in town and they kindly graced the occasion with their presence. Tim delivered a short address to the ZAWA community.

Here then, are some photgraphs to remember that day by:

The stage is set

Jimmy takes control of the laptop to present the slide show

Jehangir Mehta - Master of Ceremonies

Ev. Pashin Madan providing a narration of the slide-show

While Pashin narrates, Ev. Darius Pavri (left) and Ev. Aspi Madan perform the preliminary prayers for the Jashan

The congregation viewing the slide-show

Slide-show in progress

Ev. Aspi Madan commences the Jashan ceremony

The Jashan in progress

The congregation witnesses the Jashan

Jashan in progress

Jashan in progress

The Jashan in natural lighting

The Jashan in natural lighting

The "Dua Tandorosti" (prayer for good health) recited at the end of the Jashan

After the Jashan, the three priests lead the congregation in Humbandagi (group prayer)

Members of the congregation paying their respect to the Holy Fire.

ZAWA Chairman Vizak Irani introducing Ev. Tim Desai and his better half Shanaz

Ev. Tim Desai addresses the ZAWA congregation with a brief address

Tim and Shahnaz Desai of Sydney

Tim Desai in conversation

Nozer, Homi and Percy strike a pose for the camera

Little Shaun Randeria still wondering what the fuss was all about

Ladies busy in the kitchen peeling and chopping fruit for Chashni

Zenobia Pavri and Phyrooza Mehta (sisters) indulge in a cuppa and some tete-a-tete

And then, lunch is served

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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