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Zawa Celebrates Papeti Navroze 2007 at Agni Indian Restaurant



Behram Ghista has studied under several great Masters all over the world.  He himself has been teaching since 1988 and holds retreats in Sweden, India and Australia.  Even though Behram is a frequent visitor to Australia, his talks, workshops and retreats are usually held on the East Coast only.

His teaching is clear and concise. It is not based on religion or dogma, but clear thinking, helping us to find our own individual power to align our mind, body and spirit.  This is not only to benefit ourselves but everyone we come into contact with.

Behram has dedicated his life to helping others and promoting self-awareness.  In our busy world and life today we go about our daily activities without knowing ourselves. Our true nature.  Hence the grief and turmoil.  With the right teachings and guidance we can all achieve harmony and joy.  He has been a tremendous guide and teacher to many who have had the opportunity to open their hearts to him.

Behram offered a free session to  ZAWA members on Sunday 10th of February 2008, at Cyrus and Villie Mistry's residence. Below, Behram is being introduced to the attendees by his assistant Sherie.

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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