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Bhanva, Jamva ane Ramva Chaaloji Nite - November 2006

The Stage is set

The Humbandagi begins on time

Ervad Aspi and Ervad Pashin lead the community in Prayer

Pearce, Hufrish and Members of the community pray

So does Villie, the organiser of the evening's events

And so does Farida

Amy and the Parabia kids in prayer

Shernavaz, Ross, Zyrus, Villie and Persis

The attendees at the time of the Humbandagi

After the prayers - Phyrooza in convo with Farida and Villie, while Shernavaz is in a world of her own

Delara and Monaz prepare the Dinner Table, while engaging in a chat with Homee

Shahpoor with Benaifer and Kerman

Ladies a-pumpin'-and-a-blowin' (literally)

All in readiness for the Hoola Hoop Game

Hoola Hoop Game in progress

Karina and Yohann excited about something

Homyar dresses up as the Wizard of ZAWA

While Mehernosh as the Fairy God Mother (rather well endowed)

Cornelia on left as the Devil and Shahpoor on the right as an Angel (imagine that).

And then the second game begins

The Dinner table is all set

Shalayne, Delara, Monaz and Aspi manage the Dinner

Serving Dinner

Cyrus always enjoys a good meal

The Hall at Dinner Time

Monaz, Shalayne and Delara pose for the camera after a gruelling evening

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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