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ZAWA Youth Attend Cooking Classes

The first ever ZAWA Parsi Cooking class was held on Saturday 15th March 2003. A total of eight youth attended the event. We cooked 'sagannu bhonoo' - rava, dhan dar and prawn patia. Then in the afternoon we also cooked bhakras. The food was delicious… even the bhakras which were so close to being a disaster turned out rather well (we learnt that, as far as bhakras are concerned, butter is not a suitable substitute for good ol' fashioned Indian ghee!) We managed to collect a total of $20 on the day, all which went into the ZAWA donation box on the following Humbundagi Sunday. Thanks to Vil Mistry for teaching us, Sandra Pollard for kindly supplying the prawns at no cost, and of course to the youth who attended and made the day a memorable one.

The next cooking lesson will be held in the July holidays. Information about the event will be sent out by email closer to the date.

If anyone is interested in volunteering their time to teach the youth, this would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Delara Mistry for more information.

Here then are some high quality photographs taken on that day for your visual stimulation:

Head Chefs strike a pose before the classes to relieve stress. Matching aprons and all.


Each participant is given some ingredients. Posing with food was not our idea.


And we are under way.


Diana gets to get her hands sticky. Scherezade wants in on the fun.


Many hands make many "bhakhras". And what do they say about too many cooks?


The table is set. Rava, mori-dar and prawn patia. Fruits of labour......dear friends.

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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