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Ervad Dastoor Aspandiar Dadachanji


Dolly Dastoor Visits Western Australia

Prof. Dastoor has been associated with FEZANA since its incorporation first as its Secretary and then as President from 1994-1998. She also chairs the Academic Scholarship Program and was the Co-Chair of the 7th World Zoroastrian Congress in Houston.  With the retirment of  Roshan Rivetna, the task of editing the Journal has fallen on her.

She is a clinical geriatric neuropsychologist, and at present she is the Clinical Administrator of the Program in Dementia with Psychiatric Co-morbidity, and an Asst Prof  in Psychiatry at McGill Univeristy.

Also on this day, a short play was performed by Zoroastrian kids. The theme was 'CREATION'. The following kids took part in the play and took up the roles as under:
  1. Zenia Irani - SKY
  2. Pearlin Bhamgara and Cyrus Amaria - PLANTS
  3. Kaitlyn Buhariwalla - ANIMAL
  4. Shayaan Irani - FIRE
The Narrative of the play was read by Karishma Bhanja, Yohann Buhariwalla and Parina Randeria.

Jehangir and Jimmy prepare for the slideshow

Jehangir introduces the activities for the day

Hutoxi (second from left in foreground) leads the congregation in the recitation of 'Ashem Vohu' in a sing-song fashion.
Her sister Villie (to her right), husband Behram (to her left) and Delara (extreme right) sing along with the rest.

Ervad Jamsheed recites the 'Yatha Ahu Vairiu'

Homyar introduces the 'Creation' play that was to be enacted by children

Johann, Parina and Karishma begin the play

Zenia takes on the role of the Sky

Little Cyrus receiving his gift from Chairman Vizak

The children together with the organisers of the play, take a bow

Dolly Dastoor begins her talk on Dimentia

She gives an in-depth idea of what Dimentia is all about

Dolly answers questions put to her by the spectators

Little girls play silently while the elders listen to Dolly

A small but interested collection of Western Australian Zoroastrians

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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