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Ervad Dastoor Aspandiar Dadachanji


Dina McIntyre (Zoroastrian Gatha Exponent)
Visits Western Australia

Dina McIntyre - Zoroastrian Gatha Exponent

Summary by Zenobia Pavri. Full article will be published in the coming ZAWA Chronicle.

Dina McIntyre, an eminent Zoroastrian scholar, speaker and retired lawyer from the USA was in Perth recently, as part of an Australian lecture tour.

Her first talk on 'Zarathushtra's Puzzles' was held at Murdoch University at the behest of Krishna Somers Foundation.  She was very warmly received by her invitees and her talk generated a number of questions from those who attended.  Her indepth study and knowledge of the GATHAs of Zarathushtra formed the very essence of our Prophet's teachings.
Each one of her sessions made for very interesting listening, as she quoted Chapter and Verse from the GATHAs to authenticate the information being offered.  Topics included:

  • 'The Notion of Love in the GATHAs'
  • 'Seven Gems from the later Texts'
  • 'The Paradox of the Individual and the Community and the Relevance of the GATHAs to Life Today'.

Dina also touched briefly on other topics.  She was open and sincere in answering questions, making it abundantly clear that opinions being volunteered by her were 'her own personal opinions'.

Dina summed up her last talk for ZAWA members at the AAA Hall on Sunday 14th Sept '08 quite beautifully.  When asked to explain what Zoroastrianism is all about, her response is 'Zarathushtra teaches that we use our Minds and Hearts to choose Truth/Rightousness through good thoughts, words and  deeds.'  How relevant is this philosophy today!!!
ZAWA sincerely thanks Dina McIntyre for her wonderfully inspiring talks.  Those who attended her many talks will agree that we are much the wiser!
Also a big thank you to Jehangir and Phyrooza Mehta for hosting Dina.

More Photos by Behram Cooper|  |  Photos by Darius Pavri

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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