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Zoroastrian Prayers - Ahmai Raeshcha, Hazangharem, Jasa me Avanghe Mazda and Kerfe Mozd

English Translation By Manek Bhujwala

These four short prayers are prayed after most prayers in the Zoroastrian religion.

Ahmaaee Raeshcha

(That person, who prays to you, Asho Sarosh Yazad, with the best offering, the most effective offering, the offering obtained from righteous people) to him, (O Asho Sarosh Yazad) give brightness and good aura (Khoreh), give him strength of body (and health), give him happiness of body, give him wealth with happiness, give him children with inner knowledge, give him the longest of long life, and give them the bright Heaven full of happiness that belongs to righteous people. May it happen like the good wishes I ask for.

(followed by 1 Ashem Vohu prayer)


(May there be) a thousandfold Good Health !

(May there be) ten thousandfold Good Health !

(Above lines are repeated 3 times, followed by 1 Ashem Vohu prayer)

Jasa Me Avanghe Mazda

O Hormuzd ! Come to my aid .

(O Hormuzd ! Bring me help) from the noble and beautiful created Ama (or courage giving spirit),

from Bahraam Yazad created by Hormuzd, from Vanantee Upartaat (or most success giving spirit),

from Mino Raam who puts good taste in food, from Vaae Yazad who works above and who is created better than (many) other creations.

O Vaae Yazad ! (Bring me help) from Your (wind) that is of Spenaamino related creations.

(O Hormuzd ! bring me help from all ) from the Sky that moves according to Nature's law, from endless Time, (and) from the long duration created Time.

(followed by 1 Ashem Vohu prayer)

Kerfeh Mozd

May I receive the consequences of good deeds that will compensate for the sins, (and) for the love of the soul,

may all the people who do good works throughout the seven regions of the world, and all the good people, receive righteousness that is as wide as the earth, as long as the river, (and) and as high as Khorshed (Sun) !

May the righteous people live a long life !

May it happen as I pray for (or may my prayers be fulfilled) !

(followed by 1 Ashem Vohu prayer)

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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