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Ervad Dastoor Aspandiar Dadachanji



On 15 March 2009, ZAWA celebrated the 'Ayathrem Gahambar'.  A Jashan Ceremony was organised by the ZAWA Committee, performed by Ervad Aspi Madan, Ervad Darius Pavri and making his West Australian debut, young Ervad Pearce Javat. The Jashan was attended by quite a few members of the Zoroastrian community.

After the Jashan Ceremony, a 'Humbandagi' (Group Prayer) was held.

Chairman Pervez, then introduced Ervad Pearce to the audience, after which Pearce's mum Hufrish gave a vote of thanks to Ervads Aspi and Darius, for taking Pearce under their wings and to the community at large for appreciating Pearce's efforts..

Together with the 'Chashni', everyone was asked to bring a plate, which served as a community lunch after the prayers.

Ervad Pierce performing his pre-Jashan prayers

Ladies help set up the Jashan

The three Ervads

Ervad Darius gives last minute directions to young Pearce

And we're off

Pearce in prayer.....

......with one eye on the fruit

The audience

Pearce's mum Hufrish and sister Delara watch on

After the Jashan, the Dastoors conduct the Humbandagi

Chairman Pervez felicitates the Dastoors, and introduces Pearce to the community

Hufrish gives a vote of thanks to the Dastoors

Pearce with sister Delara

Members of the community congratulate Pearce

Pearce with sister Delara (left) and mum Hufrish

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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