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ZAWA Picnic at Kings Park - 1999

King's Park Lake

On 18 April 1999, a picnic was held in the serene surroundings of King's Park by ZAWA (see photo above). Surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of King's Park, we had a relaxing day out.

King's Park is situated in the heart of Perth city, a little West of the Perth City Block. Within King's Park, are various gardens, flower beds, ANZAC and Viet Nam war memorials. A view of the Perth City skyline from King's Park is simply breath taking.

Everybody gathered at about noon near the lake and everybody brought their own eats and drinks. A few Irani families brought along a typically Irani dish called "OUSH". It is a thick soup made from Peas, spinach and vermicelli. Nourishing and tasety. Just about everybody had a tummyful of that and enjoyed it.

Children fed the ducks in the lake, played cricket and on the whole, enjoyed themselves.

Although the crowd was not as large as one would expect, everybody had a relaxing and stress-free day in the bountiful beauty of KING'S PARK.

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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