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New Migrant Arrival Information

Zoroastrians migrating, visiting or studying in Perth Western Australia may contact THE ZOROASTRIAN ASSOCIATION OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA INC (ZAWA). ZAWA can help introduce you and your family to the Zoroastrian community and can direct you towards relevant government organizations that can provide further assistance and guidance based on your individual circumstances.

Disclaimer:- This notice is meant for individuals and families who have obtained visas for travel to Australia.  ZAWA does not provide any advice on migration or other legal issues and will not reply to any communication received from individuals seeking any legal or professional advice.

For more information on settling in Australia as a migrant, please visit the website www.immi.gov.au which tells you what things to do first after arriving and the practical information on health, housing, schools, transport and recreation. Also check out www.multicultural.wa.gov.au.

Engineering Jobs & Opportunities

Names of a few companies in Perth that would be good to contact. You can "Google" the names to get their local office information.

  • Aker-Kvaerner: tel.  9429-5800.  They're a big international company - one of the biggest - and do all sorts of work, including oil & gas.  A few Hatch: 9428-5000.  This is a Canadian company and has a big presence in the mining sector worldwide.
  • Worley-Parsons: 9278-8333.  They're also very big internationally, and are heavy in the oil & gas industry worldwide.
  • Technip: 9463-2500.  They're also one of the big international players - lots of oil & gas work in the Middle East as well as the Far East.  They're headquarters are in Paris but have big offices all over the world.
  • SNC-Lavalin: 9322-0900.  They're Canadian, but are one of the biggest engineering firms in the world.  They're looking at growing their office here in Perth.
  • Fluor: 9278-7555.  Also very big - at one time the biggest engineering company in the world.
  • SKM: 9722-5100.  Multi-discipline Australian engineering firm, centered in this part of the world.
  • Woodside Petroleum: 9348-4000.  They're the "client" for a lot of the major oil & gas work in Western Australia.
  • Clough: 9281-9281.  They're Australian, but are a big player over here and have some overseas projects.
  • GRD Minproc: 9347-4777.  They're also local, but are mainly into mining/minerals.
  • BHP Billiton Petroleum: 9338-4888.

Following are some good recruitment/job search websites you can try:

Housing, Schools & General Information

Perth city extends North and south for over 60 to 70 kms which is longer than Mumbai- So there is a big spread of suburbs and housing estates. The swan river divides the North from the south. There is now an almost even distribution of Zoroastrians in North and south, slightly more in North.  Housing and accom has gone through the roof in the last 5 to 7 odd years and almost on par with Sydney in house prices and rents.  Initially it is recommended that you rent it out for sometime till you feel your way around and decide to settle in a house which suits your travel to and from work and also school.

The median price of a house now in Perth would be around $ 450,000 (3BR and 2 toilets) and even the more distant suburbs like Success and Caning vale are not cheap anymore.  Some distant suburbs in the east like Thornlie, Gosnells and so on may find cheaper housing up to 300,000 $.  Do you know anyone in Perth- We would suggest contact them also.  They should be able to give you their local area tips and advice.

The train line North and South has made a big difference and being close to the train station would be handy too.  Our recommendation to people (especially new migrants) would be to start in newer suburbs like success and Caning Vale, Joondalup and so on.  They have fairly good connections to bus and train.  The old established suburbs are now outside the reach of new migrants unless you are able to afford there.  Perth is still expanding to North and South.

Bus connections are not always very good, but there are feeder services to connect to train stations. Check the website www.movetoperth.com/info/jobs.html which gives information on housing, schools, jobs, and transport.

The Parsi Zoroastrian population is spread-out pretty much all around and there are good schools in all suburbs.

As and when you make further decisions on your choice of suburb and school- and if you need any further advice- do drop a line to us on admin@zawa.asn.au and someone will reply to you. Please bear in mind that we as an association can only give you recommendations. we do not take any liability- the hard decisions will have to be made by you.

We have approximately 120 adults and about 50 children in the community. Our activities can be viewed on our website www.zawa.asn.au. December is a good month to come, but January, Febuary and March will be hot - so a fan or an aircon in the house would be beneficial. Nights in summer months are not so bad. April and May are beautiful months. Winter starts from June. Please be street smart and make sure you lock the house properly. House burglary also exists in Perth.

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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