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ZAWA Celebrates Navroze 2001

Jamshedi Navroze is celebrated by Zoroastrians all over the world on the day of the vernal equinox, which falls on 21st of March of each calendar year. It does not fall on any speciific day of the Zoroastrian Calendar.

As 21st of March 2001, was a working day for many, the Zoroastrians of Western Australia held a luncheon to celebrate Jamshedi Navroze 2001 at the Sorrento Bowling Club, Warwick on Sunday 25th March 2001.

Sorrento Bowling Club is located close to the sea in the Northern suburb of Warwick in Perth, Western Australia. Facilities like Lawn Bowling, tennis and other outdoor games exist at this Club.

Highlights of the day included:


  • Many thanks to Homyar Randeria.


  • Attractive decorations for the hall and each table organised and created by Delara Mistry.


  • John Talati and his Band organised by Jehangir Mehta.
  • Melodious songs by Farita Khambatta.


  • Chapatis - ready made.
  • Lagan-nu-Achaar (fruit pickle served at Parsee Weddings) by Sheroo Vakil
  • Kid Gosht (tender lamb in white gravy) by Rukshana Mehta assisted by Villie Khambatta and Kuki Wadia
  • Chatni-ni-Machchhi (Baked fish covered in green corriander paste) and Baked Vegetables by Villie Mistry
  • Vegetable Stew by Phyrooza Mehta.
  • Chicken Curry by Shernavaz Cooper
  • White Basmati Rice by Khushnood and Adil Vakil
  • Lagan-nu-Custard (Baked Caramel Custard chocker block with almond, raisin and other goodies, which is also generally served at Parsee Weddings) by Persis Maarfatia.


  • Freny Pollard, Hufrish Javat, Mahrukh Pestonji, Anahita Fitter,Villie Mistry, Villie Khambatta, Kuki Wadia, Persis Maarfatia, assisted with the serving of food.
  • Ushtate Nanavati helped with sale of raffel tickets.


  • Raffle organised by Villie Khambatta.
  • First Prize was an A$ 300 gift voucher generously donated by Harvey World Travel of Northbridge, won by Cyrus & Villie Mistry.
  • Second Prize was a large food hamper won by Rohinton & Hufrish Javat.
  • Third Prize was a small food hamper.


  • Mr and Ms ZAWA competition organised and compared by Jehangir Mehta.
  • Farah Mehta was voted Ms ZAWA and Ross Khambatta was voted Mr ZAWA by judges Gool Chhapkhana and Freni Gimi.
  • Childrens' Dance Competition (Prizes donated by Shahrukh and Kashmira Mistry of Mazda Computers).

Photographs for Website:

  • Behram Cooper

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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