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ZAWA Celebrates Jamshedi Navroze 2002

This years Navroze celebrations were again a great success with approximately 98 people joining inn the fun and frolic. The event organised at the India Palace Restaurant with a lovely array of veg and non-vegetarian dishes was a delight and relished by all present. The traditional welcome of “Tilo” was done by Mrs Shero Vakil. The occasion was another meeting place for all and after lunch the young and young-at-heart did great justice to the dancing floor, with both Indian and Western music. The function was well organised by Adil Vakil and Shapoor Kalantary.

This was a first of its kind, that ZAWA had subsidised the costs to its members from its kitty for the lunch, in a small way, was a token of appreciation to all our members. A raffle was drawn with the 1st prize of a Years family free membership to the winner won by Roshan Shapoor Kalantary. Congratulations to the winners.

The committee thanks all members for their active participation.



Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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