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Ervad Dastoor Aspandiar Dadachanji



Apollo Saldhana strikes the cord

Shernavaz and Armin busy in the kitchen

Apollo entertains the Bawajis with his lively and great performance

Mahrukh and Aspi open the cash counter, selling raffle tickets

Homai and Goolbanu enjoying the evening (apparently)

Little Shaun wondering what the fuss is all about

Homi, Jaloo and Nergish

Cornelia and Perlin catching up on old times

The Khambattas strike a pose for the camera

Armin explaining to Perlin how to peel a potato (or is it two potatoes)

Kids playing "Bursting the Balloon"

Vizak, Jimmy and Porus

A jolly group

Vizak and Cornelia, all lovey dovey

Dinner is served

Shernavaz Cooper (right) with the Postmasters

Homyar and daughter Parina enjoying their num-nums

The Youth Table

The Dhanbhooras strike a pose

Farokh with two beautiful damsels to keep him company

Kids dancing to Apollo's lively music

Adults too

Cyrus enjoying some refreshments after a hard day's work

And the dancing goes on....... and on

Apollo too, goes on and on

Villie (left) having a joyous moment with the Postmasters

Mehernosh meditating before calling out Housie numbers

Perlin, Vizak and Mehernosh wondering how the little balls come out of the basket

The Amarias join in the dance

So do the Postmasters

And the Daruwalas

Kermin and Cyrus enjoying the music

And then, before you knew it, it was 2006. The past was past and everyone looked forward to a bright future

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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