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ZAWA Celebrates New Year 2001

The Zoroastrians of Perth celebrated the Nuvroze function in their full gaiety with a lavish luncheon at the very popular Indian restaurant "The Agni" (The Fire) located in Scarborough on Sunday the 19 August 2001.

The day started with our monthly Humbandagi at the Australian Asian Hall, where Mrs Sheroo Vakil led us in praying a Muktad Prayer. After the Humbandagi we all proceeded to the Agni Restaurant. The traditional welcome of "Tilo" was applied to the beautiful ladies forehead as a sign of good luck and welcome by Mrs Sheroo Vakil. After a while of every one greeting each other and a delicious entree of fresh Indian samosas and green chatni, the President of ZAWA Mr Firoz Pestonji welcomed everyone, informed the days programme and led us all in a minutes prayer by observing silence for the dear departed souls of our families and friends and especially for the soul of the President of the Tajakistan Zoroastrians Mr Rosdoi Behdin who was killed recently in gory circumstances. Once the Presidents speech was over the people helped themselves to the lavish lunch provided which included the Butter chicken, Agni Lamb, Palak Paneer, Aloo Mushroon, Dal Makhani,Saffron rice,and a variety of chutneys, naans, Pickles, Raitas, Gulab jamoons, cold drinks etc.

After the luncheon we had a raffle and the local Zoroastrians dug deep into their pockets for the good cause. The food hamper was won by Mrs Gool Chapkhana, A voucher by the hotel patron and a pair of wine bottles by our Miss ZAWA Farah Mehta. Congratulations to all the winners. Then the ladies organized some games and had more fun and then dances and the usual fun times .The ZAWA youth took to the floor and showed their skill in dancing.

The day ended with the usual Zoroastrians Gup sup and just meeting the other members and exchanging pleasantries and catching up with each other. A day of fun for all, especially the kids and youngsters.

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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