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ZAWA Celebrates Pateti Navroze Luncheon at the Italian Club Fremantle


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ZAWA Pateti Navroze Function at the Italian Club Fremantle
More Photos (by Bart Cole)  Watch Video (by Bart Cole)

he Shenshai Pateti Navroze function was celebrated at the Italian Club Fremantle on 24th August 2008. By celebrating the New Year together with people from other communities, Aussie friends and neighbours, we are showing our pride in our ancient tradition, cultural heritage, common spirituality and a sense of brotherhood. Time and tide waits for no man and even traditions undergo changes in time, but the spirit of Navroze (new day) continues to be an occasion for unity, and harmonizing with nature. The day also marked the birthday of Prophet Zarathushtra- Khordad Sal.

The function was proudly sponsored and supported by Office of Multicultural Interests, and Healthway promoting Cancer Councils message of Go for 2 and 5. Presence of the representatives from OMI and Healthway and their sponsorship was a welcome boost to our association. It is an indicator that the Government is serious about promoting multiculturalism and healthy eating/lifestyle in Australia. To the Zoroastrians in Perth- Parsis and Iranis, the saying "more the merrier" was a day to be enjoyed through the synergy of entertainment, food and dance. It was indeed an afternoon of Eat, drink and be merry. In so far as healthy eating message on the day- the dips and veggie snacks on the table has been widely accepted as norm for future functions. The Indian Tandoor and vegetarian food had all the right spices and taste to satisfy everyone's taste buds.

The overall feedback received from the patrons was "Successful show, great program and not too long, top-notch affair, excellent food, wonderful afternoon, and enjoyed thoroughly."

The pride and joy of the function can be best described through the Skit "The Epic story of Faridun and Zohak" performed by the children and tiny tots. Farita's singing talent provided a happy and cheerful medium in both sessions of the entertainment programme. Her song "The Light" continues to inspire people around the World. Our Perth Comedy talent, showcased through skits on "Current affairs", "Vacuum cleaner salesman" and "Birth Certificate" were short and hilarious. Perth Zoroastrian community is perhaps blessed to have individuals who continue to make us laugh and smile. The vivid array of dance routines of "No life without Wife" and "Mauja Hi Mauja" performed by our talented ZAWA youth was professional and had every bit of energy, fun, groove and colour enshrined in it.

Thank you to all the Entertainers and Performers for a very successful Pateti Navroze 2008. And our Special thanks to many many many other individuals who worked hard, backstage, onstage, and behind the scenes. This includes technical audio-visual support, general hands on duty, Master of ceremonies, kitchen and serving help, many man-hours of rehearsals and parents support, committee coordination, photographer and many others. The list goes on......

And finally all this coming together of a "successful Function" is a tribute to some outstanding individuals who remain the back bone of ZAWA entertainment organization. This article is a tribute to all of those working behind the scenes.

Hip Hip Hooray and three cheers!!! Aussie Aussie Aussie !!! Sal Mubarak, Peace, Prosperity and Good health to all.

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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