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Picnic at Mundaring Wier Zoroastrian Association of Western Australia Inc.


Poonam Night Extravaganza - 1999

The Poonam Night Extravaganza was originally meant to be held on 29th May 1999, when it was indeed a Poonam (Full Moon). However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, it had to be postponed to 17 July 1999. However, it still retained its name.

Invitations were sent out with a cut-off date of 10th July. However, in true city- folks fashion, most of the community decided to reply only after that date, throwing the organisers and the good folks that were going to prepare the foodstuff, into complete disarray.

Nevertheless, due to the excellent organisational skills and perceiverence of Mehernosh Buhariwalla & Homyar Randeria and the optimism of all the ZAWA Office Bearers, the day was saved and things went off without a hitch.

Savoury snacks were made by some members. Idlis were made by Pearlin Salaskar, supplimentd by Sambar made by Shernavaz Cooper. Ready made Samoosas were fried and served by Kuky Wadia and Maharukh Pestonji. Delicious Bhel Puri was a joint venture between the Buhariwalas, Randerias and Armin Ghaswala.

Sweet Rava was made by Villie Khambatta. Surprise Kopra Pak and Barfi were made by Villie Mistry.

Soft drinks were also brought in by Villie Mistry. Lassi was made by Shernavaz Cooper.

Armin Ghaswala was also a great help at the cash Counter.

Chairperson Homee Wadia was on an overseas mission, Hence he could not enjoy himself first-hand and see what a true success the function really was.

After the snacks were plentifully had and enjoyed by the community, a couple of rounds of Housie were played. Tickets were sold by Firoz Khambatta. The game was called out by Rostam Chami with Firoz Khambatta assisting.

And after that was taken care of, there was a disco for everybody. Music was played on the P.A. system and young and old alike enjoyed a good dancing session.

Below are some photos from that GRAND GALA EVENING OF FUN AND FROLIC. Do sit back, relax and enjoy the photos. Do be patient while the photos load.

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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