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ZAWA Quiz Night 2008


On 12 July 2008, ZAWA Inc. held its second Quiz Night. This time, it was a charity event, supporting the following charities

  • Widows' Homes for Parsee Ladies in Mumbai and
  • Seth Dammanwalla Charitable Dispensary, Udwada

Needless to say, the attendance was overwhelming, the event was well organised and conducted, the questions were fair and the prizes were edible. Everybody had a great time. What more could one ask for?

So then, here are a few photos from the event. ENJOY.

Splash screen of the Powerpoint Presentation

Assistant Quiz Master Porus (right) and Scorekeeper Mehernosh sorting out the final details

Mehernosh testing the microphone

Chairperson Jehangir, addressing the crowd before the event

Challengers, participants.... whatever you call them.... are ready

Webmaster Behram receiving a special vote of thanks from ZAWA Inc. for longstanding service,
seen here on the right with Chairperson Jehangir and Secretary Kuky

Assistant and Chief Quizmasters putting the crowd at ease before the gruelling session begins

And it begins. Round 1.

Vizak collecting answer sheets of round 1

Round 2.... visual quiz

Round 4 (the final round) was Dumb Charades

And more Dumb Charades

Scorekeeper concentrating on his job

The dumb charades.....

are now getting dumber

One can see the resemblance to Gandhi, but Kasturba is too hip

Homee called upon to give a surprise performance.
Believe it or not, this is supposed to be 'The Phantom' (from the comic book, not from the opera)

Well, there are actors....

....and there are actors

Some people could not but give in to hunger, including the humble cameraman

Kuky and Cornelia feeding the hungry... Dhansaak and Kachumber

Winning team of round 1... the Canning Vale Kakris

Winning team of round 3..... the Freo Farchas

Round 2 winners - kids from team Warwick Wafers

Winner of Round 4 - Zenobia from team Padbury Paonwalas

The line at the food stall increases

Overall winners.... the Warwick Wafers

Assistant Quizmaster gets a vote of thanks

So does the Quizmaster

Jehangir gets a special vote of thanks from Vizak and Mehernosh... no one knows for what,
but they look nice together don't they?

At last, the Quizmaster gets to eat his din-dins

A relieved Assistant QM

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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