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101 Names of Lord Ahura Mazda

Posted on this website with kind permission from Manek Bhujwala

Continuing the translations of some basic prayers you requested, here is my english translation from Ervad Kavasji Kanga's Gujerati translation of Yak-Sad-O-Yak-Esm (101 Names of Dadar Ahuramazda).

The following 101 names of the Holy Lord are taken during Baj prayer during the Yazashne ritual while continuously sprinkling with the ring made of "Hasht" (eight?) metals with the hair of the pure Varasya named "Vars", into the water vessel:

  1. Yazad "Yaz" meaning worthy of being attuned; Praiseworthy
  2. Harvesp-Tavaan Almighty
  3. Harvesp-Aagaah All-Knowing
  4. Harvesp-Khudaa Lord of All
  5. Abadah Without Beginning
  6. Abee-Anjaam Without End
  7. Bune-Steeh Root of Creation
  8. Fraakhtan-Teh The End of All
  9. Jamaga Ancient Cause
  10. Parajtarah More Noble
  11. Tum-Afeek Most Open (Innocent)
  12. Abarvand Separate from All
  13. Parvandaah Connected with All
  14. An-Aiyaafah Unreachable by anyone
  15. Ham-Aiyaafah Who Can Reach All
  16. Aadaro Most straightforward; Truest of All
  17. Geeraa Who Holds Everyone
  18. A-Chem Without Cause (One Who does not need a reason for existence)
  19. Chamanaa Reason of All Reasons
  20. Safanaa Creator of Progress
  21. Afjaa Creator of Growth
  22. Naashaa Who Reaches Everyone Equally
  23. Parvaraa Provider
  24. Eeyaanah Protector of Creation
  25. Aaeen-Aaenah Not Different
  26. An-Aaeenah Without Shape
  27. Khrosheed-Tum Most Determined
  28. Meeno-Tum Most Invisible
  29. Vaasnaa Omnipresent
  30. Harvastum Most Complete
  31. Hu-Sepaas Worthy of Thanksgiving
  32. Har-Hameed Completely Good Natured
  33. Har-Nek-Fareh Completely Good Noble Aura
  34. Besh-Tarnaa Remover of Suffering
  35. Taroneesh Mysterious
  36. An-Aoshak Immortal
  37. Farsak Grantor of Wishes
  38. Pajoh-Dahad Creator of Noble Nature
  39. Khvaafar Generous with Justice
  40. Afakhsheeaaeaa Grantor of Generosity
  41. Abarjaa Most Abundant Provider
  42. A-Satoh Who Does Not Get Angry
  43. Rakhoh Independent; Without Worry
  44. Varoon Protector from Evil
  45. A-Farefah Who Does Not Deceive
  46. Be-Farefah Who Cannot Be Deceived
  47. A-Duee Without Duality
  48. Kaame-Rad Lord of Wishes
  49. Farmaan-Kaam Wish Is His Command
  50. Aokh-Tan Without Body
  51. A-Faremosh Who Does Not Forget
  52. Hamaarnaa Keeper of Accounts
  53. Sanaaeaa Worthy of Knowing; All Knowing
  54. A-Tars Fearless
  55. A-Beesh Without Suffering
  56. Afraajdum Most High
  57. Ham-Chun Always the Same
  58. Meeno-Steeh-Gar Creator of the Universe Invisibly
  59. A-Meenogar Creator of Much Invisible Creations
  60. Meeno-Nahab Hidden in Invisible Creation
  61. Aadar-Baad-Gar Who Changes Fire Into Air
  62. Aadar-Nam-Gar Who Changes Fire Into Water
  63. Baad-Aadar-Gar Who Changes Air Into Fire
  64. Baad-Nam-Gar Who Changes Air Into Water
  65. Baad-Gel-Gar Who Changes Air Into Dust
  66. Baad-Gerd-Tum Who Changes Air Into Wind
  67. Aadar-Keebreet-Tum Who Changes Fire Into Jewels
  68. Baad-Garjaae Who Creates Air In All Places
  69. Aab-Tum Creator of Much Water
  70. Gel-Aadar-Gar Who Changes Dust Into Fire
  71. Gel-Vaad-Gar Who Changes Dust Into Air
  72. Gel-Nam-Gar Who Changes Dust Into Water
  73. Gar-Gar Creator of Creators
  74. Gar-O-Gar (Fulfiller of Wishes) *
  75. Gar-Aa-Gar (Creator of Mankind) *
  76. Gar-Aa-Gar-Gar (Creator of All Things) *
  77. A-Gar-Aa-Gar (Creator of 4 Elements) *
  78. A-Gar-Aa-Gar-Gar (Creator of Stars) *
  79. A-Gumaan Without Doubt
  80. A-Jamaan Timeless
  81. A-Khuaan Sleepless
  82. Aamasht Alert
  83. Fashutanaa Always Guarding & Progress Creator
  84. Padmaanee Keeper of Limits
  85. Feerozgar Victorious
  86. Khudaavand Lord of Creation
  87. Ahur-Mazd Wise Lord
  88. Abreen-Kohun-Tavaan Most Capable of Preserving Originality of Creations
  89. Abreen-No-Tavaan Most Capable of Creating New Creations
  90. Vaspaan Who Can Reach All Creations
  91. Vaspaar Who Can Provide Everything
  92. Khaavar Generous
  93. Ahu Lord of Existence
  94. Avakhseedaar Forgiver
  95. Daadaar Creator of Justice
  96. Rayomand Full of Brightness
  97. Khorehomand Full of Aura, Light
  98. Daavar Giver of True Justice
  99. Kerfegar Lord of Good Works
  100. Bokhtaar Giver of Freedom for Progress
  101. Frash-Gar Refresher of the Soul with Progress

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