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Picnic at Mundaring Wier Zoroastrian Association of Western Australia Inc.


ZAWA Youth Visits Scitech

On the 8th of October some members of the ZAWA Youth visited Scitech Discovery Centre for a day of fun and learning. Scitech is an exciting place bursting with over 100 hands-on exhibits. Its aim is to inspire visitors to explore the world of science in a fun and interesting manner.

The first place we explored was the Jurassic Park exhibit. The children got to dress up as dinosaurs and enjoyed trying to outrun the fastest dinosaur that ever lived. From there we moved onto the more general exhibits and explored the wonders of physical and mechanical science.

One of the highlights of the day was watching the special guest performers, known as the 'Flaming Idiots'. The duo's performance was a delightful mix of comedy and skill, and their absurd antics kept us enthralled.

After lunch, we visited various other displays as well as the CSIRO Science Education Centre. Here we investigated various concepts to do with laboratory science such as viewing objects microscopically and mixing reagents to produce a chemical reaction. We also tried our hand at paleontology and chipped away at rocks to find fossils.

The little kids had a great time and so too did the older youth. Here is what some of them have to say about the day:

"We went to Scitech to see all kinds of things. First we went to see the dinosaurs which I liked the best. Next, we went to see the flaming idiots show. The best part I liked in that show was when the first idiot made a tower of four chairs and he did a handstand. Loved it when we had to race with a dinosaur and the dinosaur was the winner most of the time."
Amy Kalantary

"I liked the Flaming Idiots and the exhibit where you get to have your shadow printed on the wall… that was cool."
Arzan Pestonji

"I thought the best part of the day was the funny side show we saw...the Flaming Idiots… the name says it all. I thought it was great fun.... Even for us older kids."
Farzana Pestonji

"The excursion that was held at Scitech was a great day… fun and educational for all involved. I found that all the children really enjoyed themselves, I even learned a few new things!"
Diana Maarfatia

Thankyou to everybody who came and made this day a very memorable and successful event.

'The gang' inside the space shuttle, one of the more popular exhibits at Scitech. From left to right, we have Pasheen, Tanyushka, Amy, Brinda, Kaizen, Roxane, Arzan (doing his Elvis impersonation!) and Zahan. In the front row we have Diana, Ashish, Hanosh, Farzana, Farita, Zen and Karina.

The team hard at work in the lab. "Hey this is fun!" Diana says, "What are we digging for again?"

What's a day of fun without food? Lunchtime at Scitech.

Farzana, Roxane and Kaizen searching for fossils. Roxane says "We got nothing." "Shhh!" mutters Farzana, "And keep smiling!"

Farita and Tanyushka digging for fossils.

The younger ones dressed up as dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park exhibit. From left to right we have Karina, Hanosh, Ashish, Amy and Zen.

The promising research team in the CSIRO laboratory at Scitech. In the back row (from left to right) we have Diana, Roxane, Delara, Farzana, Farita and Tanyushka. In front we have the younger brains: Ashish, Karina, Amy, Brinda and little Zen. Check out the funky labcoats… We make this look good.

Arzan and Amy exploring an exhibit.

Farita and Kaizen discussing their profound scientific knowledge… yeah, right.

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