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Sunday Religious School Zoroastrian Association of Western Australia Inc.


ZAWA Goes to Sunday School

Commencing from 02 May 1999, Manocher Shahzadi took it upon himself to conduct religious discourses and seminars, each lasting about 2 hours, every Sunday. The venue chosen for this noble task was the RHODES HOTEL on Mill Point Road at South Perth. Manocher comes from a family of Fasli Priests. He grew up in Mumbai (previously Bombay) and has a yen for parting valuable religious knowledge to anyone who is willing to absorb it. His wife KATAYUN assists him in setting up these weekly meetings.

Members of the community gather at the BALI ROOM at the Hotel at 1030 a.m. After initial greetings, discussing the weather and miscellaneous small talk, members would go to the Bali Room, where, on a table would be a picture of the Great Prophet ZOROASTER (ZARATHUSHTRA). Beside this picture would be a lit flame (divo) and some inscence (loban).

Monocher begins his discourse by educating the community in a different topic each Sunday. He would make it interesting for the youth by encouraging discussion and interaction, which is as he calls it ........ "food for thought".

These sessions are enjoyed and digested by young and old alike. After the discussions, one of the Zoroastrian prayers would be heard by the attendees and after this hearing, his son Niell proceeds to read out an explanation of the prayer. Upto now (16 May 1999) he has covered the Kusti prayers. It is an enlightening experience for everybody.

Valuable input is received from various sources including religious leaders among the small Zoroastrian community of Western Australia, like Ervad Darius Pavri.

The meeting ends by a HUMBANDAGI (group prayer), in which The YATHA and The ASHEM would be recited by all, while standing up.

After being refreshed spiiritually at the meeting, tea and coffee with biscuits are arranged by him for anyone who wants to refresh himself / herself physically, before undertaking the journey home.

Given below are some photographs taken at one of many such Sunday meetings. Please be patient while the photographs load.

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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