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Zoroastrian Picnic Trigg Beach Perth


Twilight at The Trigg
(An Early Christmas Picnic)

outdoors play picnic constellations

It was a beautiful Summer day. The skies were clear, the Sun was shining brightly. Everything was just right. All in all, it was the ideal day for the Early Christmas Picnic that the newly formed ZAWA Committee had planned as their very first event.

A flyer was sent out to the ZAWA members well in advance and luckily, this time the response was more than good..... it was fantastic. A scouting party turned up at the Trigg Beach well ahead of the designated time of 6pm. At the time, the beach was crowded, as lots of people liked to enjoy themselves too. Can't blame them really. Anyway, a good spot was located, with a BBQ close-by. We set up shop.

Slowly, but steadily, people started arriving. After a while the whole area was hustling and bustling with Zoros and their families. Men chatted, women gossipped and kids played with the play-stuff they had brought along and with whatever else they could find.

Before serving dinner, a minute silence was observed as a mark of respect to the victims of the recent terrorist atrocities in Mumbai.

And then there was food galore. A delicious fare was laid out for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Everybody was in praises of the way things were organised. Dinner was followed by a raffle. The second prize was won by Villie and Firoz Khambatta and the first prize by Khushroo and Persis Shroff. This was followed by a distribution of Advent Calendars to kids.

All in all, everyone went home happy and with good memories, all be it, a bit cold from the fresh sea-breeze.

More Photos by Behram Cooper

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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