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ZAWA Youth Day Zoroastrian Association of Western Australia Inc.


ZAWA Youth Day

On Wednesday the 11th of July ZAWA organised a day of fun and games for the youth aged 5-12 years at the Australian Asian Associations Hall. All in all, it proved to be quite an interesting and fun day for the kids as well as the adults (the young at heart) who supervised.

We intended to meet at 10am. However, I think we were working on Indian standard time, since most of us arrived late. As the children were arriving we looked at the pictures in a book titled 'Parsis- A Photographic Journey' by Sooni Tareporvala. The younger girls especially took a keen interest in discussing and commenting on the various pictures, while the boys were more interested in flying paper aeroplanes… oh well, boys will be boys!

Throughout the day the kids participated in a variety of games including Hangman, Pass-the-parcel, Quiz games and Celebrity Heads, to name a few.

In the afternoon we managed to decrease the noise level a decibel or two by telling stories, the first of which was told by Sheroo Aunty. The children listened attentively and participated in telling their own stories. As a variation, but still keeping to the theme of story telling, the kids were then involved in reading a skit titled 'The Story of Zarathushtra.'

The highlight of the day, in my opinion, was the art & craft activity. Each child carefully coloured a ZAWA logo and made a fridge magnet out of it. The end results were quite impressive- bright bold colours and individualistic patterns made for attractive magnets. It was great to see such artistic talent amongst the group, putting Diana's and my efforts to shame.

Next, we completed a word sleuth which was prepared by Diana. It involved a religious theme and was rather tricky. Everyone, including the younger ones (except little Zubin, who fell asleep on the mat) attempted to solve the sleuth.

Following a reasonably quiet afternoon, it was time to get noisy again. We played more games, snacked on afternoon tea provided by Adil Vakil and Vil Mistry, and continued with more games.

I'd like to thank all the children who made this day an enjoyable and memorable event- Rushad and Jernaaz Govekar, Amy Kalantry, Hanoz, Zareen and Zubin Mistry, Arzan and Sharzan Pestonji, Brinda and Ashish Salaskar, Karina and Zen Vakil. I hope you guys had fun!

I would also like to thank Diana and Farita, my good friends who help me out whenever I get such hare-brained schemes. Really guys… if I ever suggest a whole day of entertaining kids again, shoot me! Thanks to Sheroo Vakil and Perlin Salaskar for helping us entertain the kids… and thanks to Vil Mistry. Mum! without your organisation and never-ending support I'd never pull together any event. After today, I'm sure somewhere in your youth and childhood you must have done something good to have had such an angelic child like myself!

Last but not least I would like to thank Zyrus Khambatta for donating the prizes for various games. "You can't have a day of fun & games without prizes" he told me, and kindly donated towards the cause. He was right.

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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