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Behram's Zoroastrian Fonts

Now don't be misguided. This page does not contain true type fonts for some ancient Persian language. But you can download the font and create simple graphics.. For example, the graphic above was created by 3 simple keystrokes. So go ahead, give it a shot.

  1. Download the Zoro.zip file into some folder on your hard drive.
  2. In Windows Explorer, locate the file, and double click on it. Unzip the Zoro.ttf file into c:\windows\fonts folder. 'c' being the letter of your hard drive.
  3. Open any Windows program like Microsoft Word. Change the font face to Zoro. Press the keys 1 to 8 on your keyboard or number pad. Use a large font size like 36 or larger. MAKE SURE THE CAPSLOCK KEY IS OFF.
  4. Change the colour of the font as you like.


These fonts are created by Behram Cooper as a hobby and for some fun. No religious accuracy is implied.

Zoroastrians followers of Prophet Zarathushtra in Western Australia

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